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Manufacturer of Flange Mounted Geared Motors in India Relying on the technical expertise and outstanding experience of our team, we have been successful in carving a niche for ourselves as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Flanged Type Helical Gear Motor. Owing to their attributes such as smooth performance, sturdy construction and easy installation, these helical gear motors are high in demand. Our manufactured range of Flanged Type Helical Gear Motor is widely used in agriculture and automotive industries. These also used in agitators and stirrers.
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CUSTOM BUILT UNITS is our specialty. We can offer you various type of combinations such as mounting dimensions, type of insulation, degree of protection, dual speed, triple speed, flame proof, D.C.etc. We can develop a GEAR DRIVE SYSTEM as per your requirements.
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t is a common experience that most-materials stored in bins. hoppers or silos do not easily flow through discharge opening.. When called upon to flow. the materials tend to plug. bridge or rat-hole because of their inherent characteristics. environmental conditions or undesirable surrounding vibrations. The conventional solutions employed. viz.. electromagnetic vibrators. air/ steam jets. pounding on the bin body or even manual packing of material from top or through discharge opening. are largely inefficient. noisy and lead to intermittent and erratic discharge of materials. The use of above techniques results in. SHAKTI BIN ACTIVATOR ELIMINATES THESE. PROBLEMS TO ASSURE YOU POSITIVE CONTINUOUS FLOW WITHOUT ANY OPERATIONAL HEADACHES.
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SHAKTI ENGINEERS have now started manufacturing SPIRAL ELEVATORS which so far are not so popular in India. The main advantage of spiral Elevators is that it can convey powders, small parts, vertically without occupying valuable space. In a way it helps you to expand vertically. Please contact us for these items along with your problems. We hope we will definitely find a solution. Our other products are Vibratory Sieves, Tables Feeders, Bowl Feeders, Rotary Vibrators, Geared Motors etc.
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Geared Motors is a most compact combination of an electric motor (A.C. or D.C.) and a gear box (helical, worm or epicyclic) converting the high speed of the prime mover to low speed with maximum efficiency. These units are manufactured under the supervision of trained, personel, with strict quality control, and with latest technical know how.